When B’s grandmother passed she had left a cat in her house. This tiny calico fairly aged feline was a master dodger. The only signs of life when visiting the house; the food gone and the toys had moved. We had to trap her when the house was sold. She stayed out on the patio, her hiding spot was behind a surfboard. Hiss and yell anytime you got anywhere near her. At night Fluffy would roam around but that would only be long after we went to bed. Apparently this same cat sat in the lap of B’s grandmother every day. I decided to make it my mission, Fluffy will like me. I removed the items she should hide behind. She still wouldn’t come anywhere near me. She found safety sitting on the chairs, extremely quick and would jump to the next chair before you got to it. I used treats and the handle end of a barbecue brush to finally (over weeks of inching near) petting her chin and face. Slowly I replaced the brush for my hand. From there no looking back, she never leaves my side. Fluffy even sits in my lap while I type. By all accounts she is a normal cat, just more skittish than most.